What is Early Alert?

The Early Alert program at Evergreen Valley College (EVC) is a collaborative initiative between faculty, staff, student services, and District ITSS. An "Early Alert" is a proactive communication initiated by faculty and sent to students. This communication serves to identify areas where students may need some improvement or benefit from additional support. Faculty can also commend students for their positive academic performance. Alerts are sent early in the semester to allow time for key players to provide necessary follow-up services and for students to access available resources to successfully complete their courses. The primary purpose of the Early Alert program is to increase academic persistence, retention, and success.

Early Alert's Mission

Every student who attends Evergreen Valley College (EVC) is important to us, and we want to ensure that all students have the tools and support they need to be successful. The goal of EVC’s Early Alert program is to support students’ academic success by providing intervention and follow-up services to help students successfully complete their courses.

Early Alert's Vision

Every student feels supported and cared for.

Early Alert Evergreen


Early Alert Week: March 4th-8th, 2024
Go Date: March 8th, 2024
Submit Kudos until the last day of the semester!

For Faculty

At the heart of the Early Alert program efforts lies the active participation and engagement of our faculty. 

Early Alerts may be submitted during the 6th week of the semester. Faculty can give students “Kudos” for positive academic performance until the last day of the semester.

For Students

We want our students to know that the Early Alert Program is here to help them succeed at Evergreen Valley College (EVC). Receiving an Early Alert is not necessarily a bad thing. If a student gets an Early Alert, it's their instructor's way of being proactive and showing they care about how they're doing in class! Early Alerts won't affect a students financial aid, GPA, and do not show on their transcript. 

For a list of helpful student services at Evergreen Valley College, please view the Back to Success Resource Guide.

Still have questions? View the Early Alert FAQs for Students or email us at backtosuccess@trademarkhomesoh.com

Additional Early Alert Support

Want additional Early Alert Support? We offer:

Additional Resources:


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