Priority Registration Groups

Here's a list of all the Priority Registration Groups:

04/08/24 GROUP 1 Registration begins for EOP&S, DSP, Veterans, CalWORKs Foster Youth, and Student Parents (AB 2881).
04/11/24 GROUP 2 Registration begins for First Year Experience (FYE), Honors Program & Continuing Students with less than 100 degree applicable units and HAVE MET the Student Success mandates (multiple measures placement + orientation + Ed plan).
04/15/24 GROUP 3 Registration begins for ACCEL Middle College students and continuing students with less than 100-degree applicable units and who HAVE NOT MET the Student Success mandates (multiple measures placement + orientation + educational plan).
04/17/24  GROUP 4 Registration begins for the Early Admission Program (EAP),  students with 100 or more degree-applicable units including students on academic dismissal and/or probation II status, returning students who skipped one semester,  and continuing High School Students. 
04/22/24 OPEN Open Registration (Including New High School Students).
05/01/24   Veterans Certification of Benefits Deadline for EVC continuing students to ensure VA housing allowance for Summer & Fall 2024.


Please check our Academic Calendar for the priority registrations dates.

What is Priority Registration?
Students belonging to certain groups have priority to register at an earlier date than other students according to state law. EOPS, DSP, Veterans, CalWORKs, and Foster Youth students are given priority registration. EVC has also established Priority Registration for other student groups. These groups may register after the state-mandated groups.

All new students registering must complete an orientation, and schedule an appointment for a abbreviated educational plan. Students who have not completed those steps will register later than those who have completed those requirements.