About this Career + Academic Pathway.

The STEM pathway is the perfect place for students interested in sciences, engineering, mathematics, and/or computer science.

Careers in this area include, but are not limited, to the life sciences, physical sciences, research, medicine, engineering, programming, and biotechnology




Quick Facts


Job growth among data scientists


Average salary for mathematicians with a Master’s degree


Average salary for engineers with a Bachelor’s degree


Job grown among statisticians 


Average salary for computer and information systems managers with a Bachelor’s degree


Average salary for chemists with a Bachelor’s degree

Katy Escobar

“I loved EVC because they got to know the real me and brought out my power and potential. I found myself at EVC.”

Katy Escobar, current EVC student

Yvan Delgado

“At EVC, I changed my major, which then changed my life. I am doing what I was meant to do.”

Yvan Delgado De La Flor, Ph.D. candidate, Entomology, Class of 2011

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